Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Beautiful Things

Laughing until your stomach hurts.
The desert
chapters ending
new beginnings
Uncertainty of the future juxtaposed with the unchanging, certain nature of God

I took a tumble at Zaxby's and we've been laughing about it ever since.

I have the greatest friends in the whole world. And I won't allow you to argue with me about it. Case closed. My friends are better than yours.

$5000 of Mulberry's camp costs are already in hand. How incredible.

God never stops using my circumstances to prove Himself to me.

Sometimes drying up is good. 
It makes me realize just how much I appreciate being saturated with the Lord.
It makes me realize just how much I desperately depend on Him each day.
It makes me realize that I cannot in any way do this on my own.
It makes me hunger in an incredible way.
And He fills me up.
He dries me out so He can fill me up; and this time filled with nothing but Him.

Let's just be honest, friends, what's better than sunshine on your face and bare feet in the grass?

Two years down. aPARTYment life is ending.
But new things are beginning.
and those things are beautiful.

Living in the "here" and "now" and not looking too far in advance is frowned upon. 
"i do not know my five year plan. Even tomorrow will probably not go as I have planned. I am thrilled and I am terrified, in a good way. So some call it courage, I call it Faith. I chose to get out of the boat. To take the next step. Sometimes I walk straight into His arms. More often, I get scared and look down and stumble. Sometimes I almost completely drown. And through it all, He never lets go of my hand." -Katie Davis
So, no, I don't know what's going to happen in the next few years. Heck, even my summer is still hanging out in limbo. And maybe that's not "conventional" and maybe it's not the smartest thing, but it's where I stand.
It's where I choose to stand. Because even if I had every step planned out, we all know it wouldn't happen that way anyway. So why waste my time and my hopes on something that I know will never happen in accordance to my plans.
Because it's not about me, is it?
I am a firm believer that there is so much more going on than what I can see.
God. I Am. Present tense.
This moment.
Not a semester from now.
Not five years from now.
I choose to trust the Lord of all creation. I choose to have faith that He will continue to prove His faithfulness to me. 
So I choose to live in the moment. and I choose to give thanks for the blessings that I have in those moments in the hopes of making the fullest of my time; making the fullest of my life.
I will not waste these moments worrying about time that I am not even guaranteed.

I will be reckless. I will be careless. I will not be careful because this moment will never happen again.
I'm not saying that I'll never ever do any planning in my life ever, because that's not true. What I am saying, is that I choose to live now. 
And the life that comes from living now is beautiful.
And it is full.

So chastise me for not being as worried as I should be about everything that's going on.
But by asking me this, you're asking me to sacrifice my joy. 
And I refuse to do that.

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  1. Excited for all that God is going to share with you as you live with Him in each moment of each and every day! It's a beautiful adventure!